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USANA Reviews: Business Opportunity

#1 Network Marketing Company on the Top 50 Network Marketing Companies list published by MLM Expert Kim Klaver and based on Alexa ratings. Alexa ratings are the Internet's version of the "Nielsen ratings" (which, as you probably know, provide ratings for TV programs).

 MLM Insider: Rated the #1 Network Marketing Company by the MLM Insider's Distributor Choice Awards eight (8) years in a row.

Best MLM Opportunity - Listed as one of a select group of the Best MLM Opportunities.

 MLM Review: "This is one of the strongest companies we've seen so far when it comes to online support, product development, management, financial strength, and international opportunity."

Forbes Magazine has named USANA to its "200 Best Small Companies" list three years in a row (2004-2006). In fact, USANA has been in the Top 20 each year. - Describes USANA Health Science as "A model of efficiency."

Listed on the Top 25 Most Popular MLM Companies based on Google searches world-wide. - "I have been surprised various times by something I didn't know about the company - and it has always been a positive! Products AND business setup highly recommended."

USANA Reviews: Products

Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements - The USANA Essentials are rated #1. - "USANA products pass screening for substances banned from Olympics." (One of only four companies in the world to do so).

Ray Strand, M.D. -
"Usana has developed a unique 5-Day High-fiber Cleanse that I am recommending as a great way to start my Releasing Fat Program. There are several health benefits to anyone who participates in USANA's Cleanse." - "I have finally found a product range that I can completely trust and recommend to anyone. I personally use and professionally prescribe USANA Health Sciences products for some very good reasons. Namely they perform incredibly well and they are exceptionally trustworthy products!" - "I have personally used the USANA products now for 6 years and can testify to their quality and effectiveness. No other nutritional supplement has controlled my health issues like USANA. I highly recommend them to anyone with health issues or who would like to live a long, healthy life."

 Physician's Desk Reference - Lists USANA Health Science nutritionals in the main edition of the PDR (the one with all the prescription medicines), not just the nutritional supplements edition.


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